I Love Him to Pieces (My Boyfriend is a Monster #1) by Evonne Tsang & Janina Gorreson

This comic is a pretty quick read-it’s quite short. I loved it! I’m unclear if this is a series (as the #1 would indicate) and if so are the other volumes about the same characters? On the one hand, I hope so because I really liked the main characters and secondary characters and would like to see more of them (it would almost seem a waste to have established their stories and then only use them in this short book), but on the other hand this ended very satisfactorily and there’s really no definite need for more.

The basic story is that Dicey and Jack are classmates and over the course of an assignment together they become close and attracted to each other.  On their first real date Jack gets a call from his CDC scientist parents that an outbreak of a virus has hit their town.  The virus is brain eating and spread by biting-so basically zombies.  Now, I can’t stand the zombie ouvre (exceptions: Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead) because they are a)gross and b)scary and c)it pretty much seems like once zombie plagues hit it’s all over.  Jack and Dicey team together and are pretty kick ass fighters.

Here are the things I liked and thought made this a totally standout book:
Dicey is an athlete and Jack is a nerd.  Not only is Dicey a jock, but she is also the only female player on her school’s baseball team.
Dicey’s friendship and relationship with the guys on her team.
Jack’s friendship with the guys he plays D&D with.
Dicey’s happy family life with her dad and little brother (except the part about her mom being dead.)
The sound the zombies make is “GUH”. Which struck me as very funny.

What was so especially nice about all those things mentioned above is that they seemed very naturally and easily established.  They weren’t big storylines-they just were. And I just thought it was a really nice story.

(OK, according to Goodreads My Boyfriend is a Monster is a series and there are four of them, and they are each individual stories.)


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