The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson

Mr and Mrs Fang are performance artists. They like to make things happen and then watch the world react. Film it and it’s art.  Their children are also required to participate in the performances and referred to in the completed works of “art” as Child A and Child B (Annie and Buster, conveniently.) The performances are basically things like staging a big fight, making the children pretend to be orphans playing music for coins on the street and then loudly saying how awful they are.

Now A and B are all grown up and, let’s face it, kind of messed up.  They end up back at their parents’ house.  One day their parents disappear. There has been a string of highway murders recently and their case fits the pattern.  But Buster and Annie know their parents and are convinced that it’s another performance.  Either their parents are totally nuts and messed up and inappropriate, or they’ve totally messed up their kids so that they cannot even accept a death when presented with sufficient evidence.  It’s all so messed up!!! I thought this would be darkly funny and there was some humor in it, but I ended up disliking all the characters and being appalled by everything.


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