The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta

I generally love Tom Perrotta-he’s got a great style of humor and dark commentary on the human life. Most of his books make me feel slightly….uncomfortable (Election, Little Children.)

The premise of this story is that an “event” has occurred in which simultaneously, across the globe, millions of people simply vanished.  The Rapture most people think, but even thinking that causes problems.  The people who disappeared were good, bad, celebrities, dictators, children, elderly, every age, race, sex, religion etc.  So devout Christians who believed in the Rapture and were subsequently left behind have had their faith shaken entirely. Whether or not it was the Rapture is not actually the point, though. The point is what happens to society now.  Life is continuing on but the global population is quite a bit smaller. More significantly, pretty much all of Earth’s population is simultaneously in mourning because every has lost at least one person. People have very different responses-some become religious, others renounce their faith, morality and the purpose of life are questioned. It’s not the end times, but it’s pretty dark. I enjoyed this, but I did find it very…hopeless.


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