Poison Apples by Lily Archer

Great premise, hooray for a boarding school book! Unfortunately, I thought it was the first in a series/trilogy, or at least would have a sequel and it doesn’t appear to be. Normally I prefer that books not be set up for sequels, but I felt like this was just getting going and I couldn’t wait to see how the girls would get through school and seek further revenge on the fairy tale like horrible stepmothers responsible for them being there. I definitely feel like the stepmothers did not get what they deserve.

Quick summary: three girls end up with dreadful stepmothers and get packed off to an idyllic New England boarding school.  Not friends at first they discover what they have in common.  Although the girls make reference to how they are like the girls in fairy tales, there is no magic or fairy tale stuff in here (though it seems that the evil stepmothers must be casting spells over their silly fathers to make them act the way they do.)

I really enjoyed this.

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