Coming Home by Rosamund Pilcher

[Note: this is from last summer!Here are a few comments I had in emails to people.]

I’ve been drifting aimlessly since finishing Coming Home. I love the world of Rosamund Pilcher so much and that is such a fantastic long book that I felt like I lived in it for two solid weeks.

I’m in the thick of a lovely Rosamund Pilcher novel and it’s about 1939 and one of the women needed some new dresses made up in London and another woman suggested that they would go to Liberty because they always had such nice fabrics. Liberty’s of London!!! Do you suppose it was a comparably expensive then as it is now?

Coming home is an old one, but I love it as much as Shell Seekers. There are navy wives in it, too. And India. And the Cornish coast. and the war. and butlers. The central wealthy estate is called Nancherrow. Oh, and it starts a boarding school 🙂

My comments now, over a half year later, would be that it is my very favorite Pilcher novel, along with the Shell Seekers. It’s a sweeping WWII family saga and it’s just beautiful and historical and moving and the world is so fully created.  If you’ve never read a Pilcher novel, or if you like historicals, you really must read this. But be prepared to become completely absorbed in it!!


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