The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty

Wow, I loved this just as much as Three Wishes and What Alice Forgot.  I can’t wait to read her latest, which apparently has only come out in Australia so far.

The Last Anniversary has the same good writing style I so enjoyed in the other two books–a variety of characters with interesting traits (both flaws as well as positive attributes), some eccentric/quirky types, humor, and then an underlying serious thread which halfway through the book you say to yourself, “my goodness there’s no way any good can come of this and what seemed like just kind of darkly funny at the beginning is now very serious.”

The story here is so strange I’m not sure I can wrap it up in a few sentences, but here goes. A small island is home to just one extended family.  The matriarchs of the family, Connie and Rose, have brought prosperity to their family by turning a strange circumstance into a profitable business.  The strange thing? The discovery when they were teenagers of their neighbor’s baby left alone and the parents had vanished.  Their bodies were never found and the whole thing was very mysterious.  Connie and Rose raised baby Enigma as their own and capitalized on the public interest by hosting tours of Enigma’s house.  Now baby Enigma is a great-grandmother herself and Connie has died.  To the family’s astonishment she leaves her house to…Sophie, a former girlfriend of Enigma’s grandson.  Sophie, a charming character whose biological clock is ticking away madly, is thrust into the middle of this kooky family.  She is delighted with Connie’s gift and intrigued by a note Connie left her, suggesting that the perfect man is very nearby and she’ll find him soon.  Unfortunately Sophie finds herself attracted to Callum, the husband of lovely Grace and father to a new baby. Various storylines and family secrets  build to a head, all coming together on the anniversary night of the discovery of Baby Enigma.

I really liked this book so much-all the storylines, and especially the dark plot involving Grace and Callum. Highly recommend!


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