Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen

This is the first in a terrific light historical mystery series.  This first volume has a lot of set up of how Lady Georgiana finds herself in London. You see, she usually lives in Scotland at the family home, where her brother is the Duke.  She is 34th (I think?) in line to the throne, so is part of the Royal Family and of that class.  So it’s a total drag then that she and brother are quite poor.  She certainly can’t work, because her class does not do that.  She can’t ask the Queen for a handout, because that’s poor form, too.  She decides to at least try to make it on her own in London (at the family home, where she must live without a maid).

When a dead man is found in her bathtub it’s hard to keep a low profile, especially since her brother is the most likely suspect.  She endeavors to solve the mystery, all while keeping  the royal name untarnished.

In addition to this being funny and Georgie being a likable character, I absolutely loved the historical detail.  I usually read British historicals set during the Regency, so the 1930s is a new era for me and it was filled with all the things you might expect, as well as some you don’t.  For example, it never occurred to me that people were riding the Underground in the early 30s!  Also, there is quite a bit in all the books I’ve read thus far (the first three) about Wallace Simpson and Edward, and the angle on it is very different from anything romantic I’d ever read before.


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