Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

My friend Megan was reading this and recommending it to me, and then it was an Alex Award winner-I couldn’t wait to read it and after a mere 4 pages was totally hooked.  This was one of the most fun books I’ve read in a long time.   It was exciting, clever, absolutely laden with references to pop culture from the 1980s that I loved. I’m not much for video gaming, but who wouldn’t love to have a virtual reality experience of actually being inside the movie War Games?? (one of my very faves) or having the living room set of Family Ties?So perfect for people my age who will gobble up all the 1980s pop culture details.

In a future not too far away (50 years or so) the world is kind of crappy, but it almost doesn’t matter because everyone spends almost all their time in virtual reality called the OASIS. This virtual reality of the future is incredibly sophisticated and commerce, pleasure, and life pretty much all take place in it.  The inventors of it were incredibly gifted video game creators and video games are a huge part of this book-covering every kind from role playing games, magic, technology, and old fashioned games like Galaga.  When the creator of the OASIS dies a contest is announced that his vast fortune is hidden in OASIS-the world’s best Easter egg basically. Parzival is a teen who has an encyclopedic knowledge of Halliday (the creator), video games, computers, anything related to the 1980s, and pretty much everything.  He is determined to find the egg and change his life.  Problem is-the whole world wants it, including an evil corporation.

I really loved this-not just for the references to all the music, movies, and tv of my teen years, but also for what a flatout good, clever story it was, with a perfect ending.  Go read this book now!!


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