The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt by Caroline Preston

This was on the 2012 Alex Awards list.  I had no idea what it would be like when I ordered it from the library adn what a wonderful treat it was.  The entire book truly looks like someone’s scrapbook from the 1920s.  Frankie begins the book at the end of her high school years and continues on through Vassar College, living in the East Village with beatniks, on to Paris, and back.  It’s a bit Forrest Gumpy in that it hits every cultural/historical thing you can think of pertinent to the 1920-flappers, bobbed hair, in Paris the Moulin Rouge, first silent film, bootleg gin, famous literary folks, in Manhattan-swanky penthouses, and so on. But that doesn’t dim at all the pleasure in seeing the memorabilia from those things, or reading Frankie’s responses to those people/places/events.  The book is beautifully put together and the little bits of memorabilia are really neat to look at.  Frankie’s story is written in typewritten parts that she puts on every page and she very successfully tells a full story filled with excitement, dreams, disappointment, and romance.

I really loved this and couldn’t put it down!!


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