When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James

This is the second in a new series of fairy tale related stories that one of my very favorite romance authors, Eloisa James, is doing.  I thought this was wonderful and just loved it. The fairy tale connection is quite slim-basically a lovely young woman gets sent by her father to this cantankerous Duke’s castle. He has a reputation as a difficult beastly man, but due to some hilariously convoluted circumstances involving a gown that made her look enceinte, he is the only choice she has for marriage.  Then of course they fall in love, despite their own protestations.  The whole novel has James’s signature wit-the opening is particularly clever, frank, and funny.  It was a bit steamier than I recall her other novels being–not for the prudish (but always in good taste.)  The Duke is an interesting character-he’s a doctor and surgeon and has turned his castle into a hospital.  He has no bedside manner whatsoever.  I was reading and thought, “good grief, he’s just like House” and then when I read the afterward I saw that, in fact, the author had deliberately modeled him after House! Witty and beautiful Linnet is the perfect foil for him.

Delightful historical romance


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