Chew: Taster’s Choice (Volume 1) by John Layman

I read a recent review of this and decided I had to check it out for myself.  Perhaps I was inspired to try something I don’t usually read by the Out of Our Comfort Zones podcasts I did for The Hub.  This is a graphic novel and the premise is that Chu is an FDA agent with a rare skill-he can taste things and psychically know the whole history of them.  For example, if he eats an apple he will know the where exactly it came from, who handled it, and so on.  If he were to chew on a piece of you, he would know all about you.  You can see how handy this skill is for solving crimes, and also how disgusting it is.

Because, yes, he is made to eat people, dogs, rotting things, etc.  There are some fairly gross pictures, but not nearly as graphic as you might think.  And it’s not spooky or scary, so I found it pretty manageable.  In fact I found it equally funny/entertaining as well as an engaging mystery.  I was very happy when I got to the end (I read the whole thing during my kids’ gymnastics class) to have cleverly ordered volume 2 at the same time, so I’ve got that all ready to read.


One thought on “Chew: Taster’s Choice (Volume 1) by John Layman

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