The Lady Most Likely…. by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockway

A Regency romance that is one continuous tale, but written in three parts by three well known romance writers.  I’m not that familiar with Connie Brockway, but I adore the first two, so I was very pleased to pick this off the Borders shelf the day before it closed.  The premise is that Hugh, a handsome titled gentleman with a passion for horses, has decided it’s time to take a wife (lest he die from a horse fall without leaving an heir.)  He doesn’t have much time for wooing and romance so he asks his sister to make a list of eligible ladies and then invite them all to a house party.  A wonderful setup for romantic hijinks and easily splits the novel into three parts–each author gets to write about Hugh’s attempts with one of the eligible ladies.  It’s evident from the very first scene when Hugh asks his sister and his sister’s widowed best friend about this whole cockamamie plan that he will end up with the friend.

I enjoyed seeing how each lady did not work out for Hugh and all the usual trappings of fine Regency writing-a witty loving sister, parlor games, backstories of doing the right thing, loving someone from afar for years, and so on.  The three parts connected practically seamlessly, though each section did have the touch of its author.  Perhaps I’ll look into some other Connie Brockway novels.

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