Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson

I really enjoyed this mystery, which I thought of not so much as a traditional mystery, but more of a story that had two mysteries to be figured out.  Jumping back and forth between 1975 and now the cast of characters is a group of policemen/detectives and a policewoman, Tracy.  Every part in 1975 I pictured in my head just like the show Life on Mars, and in fact that was eventually remarked upon by one of the characters in the present day.  The tangled up mystery involves some kind of covered up terrible secret from the 70s.  Now those policemen are elderly, but they’ll do what it takes to keep a cover-up covered up.  Tracy has had a respectable career, but in one unexpected rash moment she finds herself on the other side of the law.  Trying to figure out a different mystery is Jackson Brodie, a former private investigator, haunted by his sister’s death back in the 70s (this book makes me believe that women were raped and murdered constantly in the mid-seventies in England),he  is searching for a client’s roots and ends up involved in everything.  I’ve never read anything else by this author, but I could tell that there were past books featuring Jackson (and there are apparently three others), and I’m definitely interested in reading more.
This was the sort of mystery I like-winding and tangled, but I didn’t feel like I needed to solve it.  It also had a air of sadness to the story that made me wish I hadn’t stayed up past midnight finishing it because then I was left alone in the middle of the night thinking sad and heavy thoughts about my children.

Definitely recommended!

2 thoughts on “Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson

  1. Great review! I liked it as well. You have to go back and start these from the beginning. The first one’s the best! Case Histories, I think it was.

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