One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde

The Jasper Fforde books are so quirky, weird, and confusing-you either love them or hate them, I suspect. I happen to love them-the puns, the wordplay, the zillions of literary references, the fascinating BookWorld he has created.  Honestly, though, I’ve read all his books but didn’t really remember at all what was going on in the series.  As I passed it along to my mom my words of advice for enjoying his books were “if you get confused just ride along with it and don’t try to understand too much-enjoy it paragraph by paragraph.”

I doubt I could even begin to describe this whole plot. Basically this novel takes place in the Book World with the written Thursday Next being the main character (the real life Thursday’s adventures having been made into a series.) This Thursday is not the original written one-that one was taken care of in the previous book (that we read)-and she is not as popular.  She tries to play Thursday as she is, which is not as sexy a character as the way the previous one was playing her-hence the drop in readership.    There are mysterious characters and notes and Thursday discovers that real life Thursday is missing and must solve the mystery.  It’s totally crazy and complex, but I really enjoyed it.


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