Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

This was a very hot book a few months and I just got around to reading it now. As promised, it was a book that was compulsively readable.  However, I did have some issues with how unlikable I found the main character.  I realize that that is somewhat the crux of the novel, but halfway through I found myself thinking that no matter how great her redemption was at the end it would not make up for what kind of person she had been established to be.  The basic premise is that Sam is a super popular girl with a tight group of three best friends and one Friday night she dies in a car crash. Sam then has to relive that final day seven more times.  As you would expect she tries to change things so the outcome is different, right some wrongs, and so on.
I couldn’t believe how long it took her to get around to trying to be a better person, though.  Sam and her friends were cruel to others, obsessed with popularity, unkind, and shallow.  This was, however, contrasted with what amazing friends they were to each other-they truly loved one another and supported each other, were funny and devoted.  When you find out how much these girls have done to harm one specific individual, Juliet, it is really awful.




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