Anyone know this book?

I just had the most wonderful comment exchange on this blog, in which someone put out the description of a book she once remembered and another person was able to give the answer. I feel like a matchmaker! And, I’ve had a book I’ve been wondering about in my head for a few days.  My brother suggested but I feel inspired now to share here and see if there are any nibbles….

This was a book I read as a child, publication probably late 70s. It’s a chapter book with some illustrations, and particularly some map drawings.  The story is about two old men who had gone underground on some island during WWII and no one ever told them the war was over and they were forgotten about. So they’d lived just the two of them for like 40 years believing there was a war on. They built an elaborate underground tunnel thing and one of the rooms had their supply of canned food.  And then one day, an enemy does actually land.   But the whole thing was very funny and kooky (so not a war adventure) -like they were grumpy and fought a lot with each other maybe? And I feel like they had rhyming or coordinating names.

Does this ring any bells?

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