Saved as Draft by Cavanaugh Lee

This is a prepub that I read very quickly.  In fact, my rockin’ New Year’s eve involved staying up in bed and reading this until I finished it in the new year at 12:30am.  I am partial to stories told in letter or email and this one is all emails with the ones being “saved as draft” being the ones in which people say how they really feel but don’t send it and then you just feel irritated with them.

The story is basically one young woman who, at the beginning, chooses between two men-one a “match” on eHarmony and one a friend.  Then you go back in time to when she first met the friend. And on an on and their lives are entangled and how the romance develops and flounders and so on.  I wasn’t really crazy about this.  For one thing, one of the characters ends up acting in a way that I thought his earlier character never indicated he would behave that way. It was just weird.

There are many many current day things mentioned (bands, tv shows, etc), so when one of the guys talks about using Blockbuster Online I thought it stood out because everyone uses Netflix.


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