Deeply, Desperately by Heather Webber

You might find this hard to believe, but I have been waiting with great anticipation, for many months, for this.  I just enjoyed Truly, Madly so much that I couldn’t wait for this sequel. Happy to say it did not disappoint. Lucy is part of the Valentine family-a family said to be blessed? cursed? by Cupid himself.  Every Valentine in the bloodline can see people’s auras and make perfect love matches by matching the auras.  Lucy had the power zapped out of her by an electrical storm and it was replaced by a psychic ability to match people and lost objects.  The first book sort of set all that up and by now, in this second novel, she is officially using this ability in a new business venture, respected and trusted and working with the state police, and romance with sexy Sean is heating up.  The romance was actually the least interesting part of the novel to me.  I really enjoyed the stories of Lucy’s combination of sleuthing and psychic abilities.  There were several surprisingly touching moments, and plenty of humor too.  Happily book 3 is due out in February so I won’t have to wait too long this time for another installment of this charming new series.


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