Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan

I had super high hopes for this book because it is written by quite the power duo of YA authors.  I really admire both Green and Levithan and was definitely curious to see how their styles would blend.  Each author writes from the point of view of a teenage boy named Will Grayson.  One of the Wills is kind of a crank-he has this giant friend named Tiny (giant in size and personality) and his life doesn’t suck, but he kind of thinks he does. The other Will does have kind of a sucky life-he’s gay and not out, he only has one friend who he doesn’t really like, and the best relationship in his life is someone online whom he hasn’t actually met yet.

The Wills live in different cities, and have different lives, but then coincidentally they meet each other and Tiny is the glue that is making everyone stick to each other and pull from each other.

There are some very empowering messages in here about love, friendship, and relationships.  I especially liked seeing Tiny, a big flamboyant gay guy who falls in love all the time, being so confident in his sexuality.  But overall I just didn’t love this book the way I thought I might.  I definitely liked one Will more than the other and found one somewhat unlikable.



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