Secret Society by Tom Dolby

This novel combines the glamour of the uber wealthy New York set with a mysterious cult-like secret society.  The premise actually seems quite reasonable–that almost every super successful person, be it in the arts or industry, is part of “The Society”.  It was never good luck or just hard work or talent that landed them a role or signed a contract-it was their connections.

Lauren, Phoebe, and Nick are three teens at the exclusive Chadwich prep school in Manhattan who receive mysterious invitations to be party of the Society.  No one ever says no.  Lauren and Nick have always heard rumors and are excited that they were chosen.  But Phoebe is new to New York and has no idea what is going on.  During the first few months of their initiation they enjoy the benefits of being in the Society, but also do question much of it.  Who is behind it all? Why such secrecy? Is it fair?  They also begin to suspect that the Society’s means of doing things might be suspicious, if not downright deadly.

Patch is the other main character.  Having grown up in New York and been close to Nick and his family he was also aware of the Society, but he is not invited to be a part of it.  He is an aspiring filmmaker and even has a deal in the works to film a reality show about Chadwick Prep.   Turns out that some of his footage catches the attention of the Society and now he’d better watch his back…

This was a good mysterious book with lots of nice doses of richie rich type things (Birkin bags and the like.) What I didn’t like is that I thought it was all going to wrap up and then at the very end it became obvious that a sequel is on its way. Argh! It was still quite satisfying and a very fast and light read. Oh, and this is the most talented group of sixteen year olds ever.


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