The Things That Keep Us Here by Carla Buckley

I read this a little while ago and it’s what started my current kick of thinking about pandemics and apocalypses.  You’d better believe that I have a survival plan all mapped out in my head and what needs to be done first and what supplies are important to get.  And when it comes to pandemics the key is isolation.  So, this is a story about a pandemic that sweeps the country very quickly.  What is especially interesting is that the main characters are a couple who’s been separated for a while, and he happens to be in the research field of avian flu pandemics.  Although he is, therefore, one of the very first people to know about it it really doesn’t make a difference.  The story is partly about the pandemic (so, horror and civilization shutting down) and partly about the estranged couple ending up sharing a house during this time.  I found the woman fairly unlikable and kept thinking “well no wonder he left her”.  Lots to think about in this story-how quickly infrastructure crumbles, survival instincts, compassion, and what you would do for your own child (or another’s.) Fantastic epilogue.


One thought on “The Things That Keep Us Here by Carla Buckley

  1. I read this book and it actually scared me. Although I might be considered a hypocondriac, I insist on reading books like these even though I know they will freak me out!

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