The Last Time I Saw You by Elizabeth Berg

Hurrah! An Elizabeth Berg novel that didn’t make me weep! This is the story of a final (why final? I thought it was weird that they stated it was the last one) high school reunion.  Everyone attending it has different reasons for doing so, which we see by seeing the various characters in their home lives before seeing them at the actual reunion.  Now in their sixties a lot has happened to everyone in the intervening years, and yet some types stayed the same-the football hero who wants to get laid, the cheerleader pining for the football hero, the quiet overlooked kids, etc.

I thought it was hilarious that my mother (close in age to these characters) got all heated up and bent out of shape about the characters and how some of them clung to their high school behaviors. So what? There wouldn’t be a good story if they didn’t. Besides, you can’t tell me that some people never mature or change.

Although this was not a Berg weeper, there was still heartfelt emotion in the story.  Definitely much lighter than her other novels, though.


One thought on “The Last Time I Saw You by Elizabeth Berg

  1. Ahem…they’re 58. Maybe a few are 57. As am I…and planning to go to my 40th in September (not billed as the last). I love Berg and enjoyed this, though I found the characters a little more wooden than her usual, and the contrivance of having so many of them unencumbered by spouses/kids a little unrealistic. –Nancy

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