Prisoners in the Palace by Michaela MacColl

Picked up a copy at ALA and finished it by mid-train ride home.  Terrific historical fiction about something I knew extremely little-Queen Victoria as a teenager before she ascends to the throne.  As usual, I found the afterward fascinating-explaining what was real and what was not.

Elizabeth is a young lady who adores her mother and father ( a successful merchant who has entered the gentry) and is looking forward to her first London Season.  Unfortunately her parents are killed and in a matter of hours she is orphaned, left with no entry into society, and left with a pile of debt. What to do? She accepts a position as a lady’s maid to the Princess Victoria in Kensington Palace. Now known as Liza she is part of the servants world she once gave no thought to at all. She is not a complainer, though, because she knows that without this position she’d be on the streets.  Besides, she believes that befriending the princess (who is decidedly peculiar and treated like a toddler by her mother) will eventually help her out.

She is soon involved in palace intrigue which seems far-fetched, but guess what? It’s true! A little romance, a little adventure, a bit A Little Princess-y, this was good historical fiction which I could see lots of middle school girls really enjoying.


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