My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

Sort of time travely, sort of romancey, and written by Ann Brashares–I could not wait to get my hands on this newest book by her.  It’s not so much time travel as reincarnation, but there was a little of what I like about time travel in this love story that stretches across the ages.

Daniel is an old soul.  His soul has been reincarnated many times since the A.D. 400s.  Unlike most people he can actually remember all of his past lives and has accumulated the knowledge, history, and sometimes even material goods, from those lives.  In all those hundreds of years he has sought out the same woman he loves, Sophia.  In her current life she is Lucy, a teenager in Virginia.  Daniel finds her, but she is scared off, and each spends the next few years thinking of the other and trying to find each other again.

What I loved most about this were the chapters where Daniel told the stories of his past lives, covering many different eras and parts of the world.  What I did not like about this book was the ending.  Happy or sad, I just really like a nice concrete ending (and if there’s an epilogue, even better) and I thought this was just too vague.  That quibble aside, I thought this was a beautiful love story, and very well written.  Daniel’s storytelling voice was great.  And I just love the whole idea of reincarnation and the details the author provides about it.  After reading this you can’t help but wonder…who have I been?


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