One Day by David Nicholls

Wow, what a fantastic story.  I got this as a prepub and the cover was blank with a big endorsement by Nick Hornby, whom I like, so I was drawn to it.  In a nutshell it is the story of two people, Dexter and Emma, and their friendship over twenty or so years.  However, we only check in on them once a day each year, July 15, St. Swithin’s Day.  The first day is the day after their college graduation when they spend the night together.

What I loved about this format was that sometimes on a day one of the characters might be about to do something and you think you are going to read through that part of the story, but once the day ends so does the (long) chapter and thus you have to wait a year to see if what they were doing/talking about has affected them a year later, or come to fruition, or what have you.

Not entirely a light hearted romp.  There is deep emotion as both Emma and Dexter go through some difficult periods in their lives, have rocky moments in their relationship, and at times each character can be unlikable.  There was even a time in the book when I became quite weepy, which I always think is a sign of the writer really drawing me in.

I’ve heard tell (via Entertainment Weekly) that this has already been optioned for a movie, a rom-com as they described it. Which makes me believe that they will be changing it quite a bit because that’s not how I would describe this book.  You know what movie it reminded me of a tiny bit? Sliding Doors. I always liked that. I suppose this book is really nothing like that at all, but it did make me think of it.


One thought on “One Day by David Nicholls

  1. I loved this book! I was touched that they often went their separate ways, but knew they had each other to fall back on no matter what… that is a real friendship! And, no matter what happened in their separate lives, they always came back to each other; they had an attraction that defied logic.

    I also liked the format & thought the writing style was great: fresh & witty. While I always prefer books, I do think it will make a great movie.

    I, too, got weepy at one point, which is unlike me – I was really attached to both Emma and Dex by the end. Great writing & great book!!!

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