Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth

What a great book to read right before coming to Washington D.C. since it is set here and also lets me know what’s really going on in the White House-turns out that ever since Andrew Johnson a vampire has been sworn to protect the President and those in his command.  His vampire speed and senses and strength make him an incredible weapon and secret agent, especially against the U.S.’s worst foes–supernatural ones!!  A young politico gets assigned to the vampire in readiness to take over for the former one, who is now elderly.  The setup there turns out to be somewhat buddy cop movie with the rookie and the seasoned guy working together.  He can’t believe this national secret and the fact that vampires, werewolves, and the like exist.  He gets to see some proof down in the “Relilquary”–a room under the Smithsonian that houses all of the vampires souvenirs, if you will, of various battles.  It’s also where his coffin his.  I’m going the Smithsonian this morning and I shall choose to believe that underneath me are secret underground tunnels designed for a vampire to be able to get to the oval office in a split second.

It’s tempting to call this a trashy book, but let me tell you I could not put it down.  People are fools if they don’t turn this into a movie because the action in my head was fantastic and it was like a  fun, wonderful summer blockbuster going on in my head.

What was so neat about the story is that it is not just a series of fights.  Instead they are working to fight a menace that is a blend of old world supernatural and modern-day jihad, complete with young American student ending up in Saudi Arabia and working for a terrorist cell.

Make this your next beach book!!


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