Seducing an Angel by Mary Balogh

The widow Cassandra has a big problem-she is responsible not only for herself, but also her companion and her all around housekeeper, and the housekeeper’s illegitimate child and she is practically destitute. With no family to turn to, a stepson who has made it impossible to get her due after her husband’s death, things do not look promising for her. Oh, and there’s the pesky rumor that she killed her husband with an axe.  What’s a woman to do? Become a mistress, clearly.  You know, I write that rather flippantly, but the truth is, and it is quite clear, that in that day and age, in that society with all of its rules and regulations, Cassandra truly had no other choice. What work could a lady do? How could she get any money? What rights did she have?   Cassandra chooses as her target the angelically handsome Stephen, the unexpected Earl of Merton (he did not know he was in line for the title and was surprised to become earl at age 17.) Unfortunately (?) for her the earl is not only principled, but also quite attracted to Cassandra.  And then there are many pages of what is oh so common in a Regency novel-the two people love each other but pretend not to because “it can never be!” but everyone knows it really can be.  There is a lot of winning in romances “I’m going to win her over” “I’m going to win our fight”
This wasn’t my favorite Balogh, but I did enjoy it and have really been enjoying my return to the Regencies.


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