Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

Although I like Meg Cabot a lot, I avoided this book when it came out primarily because of the title and presumably conflict/talk about sizes and weight.  As someone who would, frankly, love to be a size 12 but all my friends seem to be way smaller than that, did I really want to read a book that has to come right out and say that size 12 is a size that thin people think is fat? But then a friend told me what the story is about and I went ahead and got it and found it delightful. It’s a mystery! But a fun, quick read mystery with an interesting set up.  Heather Wells is the assistant director of a dorm (and here, if it was the book, I would correct myself to say “residence hall”-a joke that got old after the second time, but was continued throughout the entire book) and she also happens to be a former teen pop star and the ex-fiance of another teen pop star (except he is still performing.) After a girl plummets to her death in the elevator shaft of the dorm Heather suspects something is not quite right, primarily because girls just don’t “elevator surf.”  When a second girl dies the same way, she is sure she is on to something.  No one believes her suspicions, and although Cooper (her ex-future brother-in-law, and a sexy private detective) also doesn’t suspect anything, he does agree to help her.

Very funny and a good mystery. I look forward to reading the next two books in the series!

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