Lakeside Cottage by Susan Wiggs

After enjoying Lakeshore Christmas so much I wanted to read another in the series. Oops, this is Lakeside, not Lakeshore. No matter, it was a delightful contemporary romance, with some very interesting details.

Single mom, very protective of son who is desperate for a father figure, spends the summer at her family’s beautiful old summer house.  Two strangers come into her life and will change her life. One is a teenage girl on her own, the other is a devastatingly sexy man, J.D.  He is there hoping to get away from the press that has hounded him since he saved the President’s life.  A Green Beret EMT heroism comes to him naturally, but he doesn’t like to think that.  Both spend the summer learning to let love into their hearts.  I liked the angle of her (yes, I forgot her name) welcoming the stray girl into her home and helping create a family for her, while at the same time being encouraged by the teen to work on her career.

I’d say Susan Wiggs is a reliable writer for a satisfying romance.


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