Finding More to Read

Wow, I meant to post this immediately following the ALA Midwinter Meeting and time has just gotten away from me.  A few places to point you and me, when looking for new things to read:

Take a look at YALSA’s 2010 award winners and honorees-all can be found here Of particular interest is this year’s brand new Excellence in Non-Fiction Award.  I was lucky enough to attend the program featuring several of these honorees and listening to them speak made me extremely excited to read their works.

RUSA, another ALA division, offers their list of notable books and a genre list.  Definitely a place to turn for some gems.

I’ve also recently been looking through my previous posts and found that I had forgotten about so many authors I’d really enjoyed.  Must look and see what they have done recently.  I noticed that Sarah Addison Allen has a new book coming out next month, The Girl Who Chased the Moon, and I loved her first two so much that I will be sure to check this one out.


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