Truly, Madly by Heather Webber

I got this as a prepub-it will be coming out in a couple months.  I definitely recommend it.  Not only was this a nice romance, but it also had some mystery to it as well, and some really moving emotional bits.

Lucy Valentine’s family business is matchmaking.  While the world sees their success they don’ t know that the Valentine family truly does have a supernatural ability that lets them accurately match people together perfectly.  Unfortunately for Lucy she does NOT have the ability. Instead, due to an accident, her power is the ability to locate lost objects.  Double unfortunately she can’t tell people about it, or use it to help people.  Triple unfortunately, her dad has left her in charge of the business.  She thinks she can bluff her way through until he comes back, but then she inadvertently flashes on a client’s lost object-and sees it is on the hand of a murdered body.  Lucy finds herself matchmaking, trying to solve a years old mystery, trying to solve a current mystery, and trying to work on a romance for herself, too.

I thought this was funny, satisfying, the supernatural elements were believable and not over the top, and the mystery and suspense elements were not too intense.

Check it out when it’s available!


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