Lakeshore Christmas by Susan Wiggs

Oh how I love cheesy Christmas stories (especially romances.) This was an absolutely wonderful book to read on Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve. I don’t care if it was predictable and unbelievable, it was a perfect Christmas story. And the main character was a librarian, to boot!  A librarian who is embracing the stereotype and given up on men, to be sure, but since she’s only in her 20s there is apparently still hope. Though really she does her best to push away men.  The community she lives in is just too magical and charming (and I think there are many other books set in this idyllic town), complete with the fact that everyone celebrates Christmas and the town library does too.

I’ll just throw out the elements of this story and I’ll be you can figure out the story: the library is going to have to be closed due to money woes,  Maureen (the librarian) is co-directing the town Christmas pageant, the co-director is former child star Eddie Haven who is too sexy to be believed, as well as being kind good hearted and keeping that all to himself, years ago Eddie was in a fiery crash from which he was miraculously unhurt, and….a beautiful voiced boy whom no one seems to know shows up.

It was all a bit hokey, but in the most wonderfully Christmas way. And actually, I might just go ahead and read the other Lakeshore books!


4 thoughts on “Lakeshore Christmas by Susan Wiggs

  1. Loved all the Lakeside books, but am wondering what happened to Daisey the photographer with the little boy. She had two male possibilities in her life, but …..?

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