The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes

I pretty much adore everything Marian Keyes writes.  This is her latest, not out quite yet, and I have to say within 10 pages I was loving it.  The novel is very typical Keyes, which I say in a positive way. It hooks you with humor and maybe a little sexiness or a little romance and then she starts to reveal that the story is deeper and maybe even darker, than you first thought.  I’m not so sure her recent books have been like this, but I thought that here she reminded me of her earlier novels like Sushi for Beginners, Rachel’s Holiday,  and Anybody Out There, which I loved.

In this story a sort-of omniscient spirit visits a house in Dublin that has four apartments.  The narrator tells you all about the residents of each of them and begins to weave their stories together.  There’s the elderly lady who has a touch of the second sight; Kate, who’s just turned 40 and is in a relationship with a wealthy but not so great guy, Conall, two Polish guys who live with feisty Lydia who is a nasty bitch to everyone, and Matt and Maeve, a deeply in love couple.  Matt and Maeve become the central figures in the. At first they appear to be the picture of bliss, but soon little cracks are revealed that show that all is not well or what it seems.  The narrator easily goes back in time to fill in everyone’s stories.

Another winner–absolutely charming.


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