Viola in Reel Life by Adriana Trigiani

violaBoarding school! Author (of adult books)  I like! I was so excited when I saw this and I’m pleased to report it did not disappoint.  Maybe not knock your socks off, but it was a good story, rich with contemporary boarding school details, and what’s more, I thought it was a great book appropriate for younger YAs.  As I’ve mentioned before I think it can sometimes be difficult to find stuff like that. Not every kid is going to be a hit with the boys, or act like a Gossip Girl, and although there is a romance in here, it is a very beginner type realistic romance.  I would certainly recommend this along with My Life in Pink and Green for those who don’t want a whole lot of sex/drama (though this is for a slightly older age group, I think.)  The quirky/smart factor in here is great-Viola makes movies.  Her parents are documentary film makers and she herself loves to film things. In fact, her filmmaker parents are what got her stuck in boarding school in the first place. 

Viola is appalled to be sent to boarding school in Indiana, far from her beloved Brooklyn, but her parents will be gone for a year and promise it will only be that.  I thought the part about the differences between Indiana and Brooklyn be tiresome, but they were happily kept to a minimum.  Good thing, to, or Viola would never have made any friends.  As it is, she is surprised to find herself adjusting to boarding school and even liking it.  She begins work on a movie for a contest and finds the project to be just the thing for her year away.  And even at an all girls boarding school she is able to have her first romance with a boy.



2 thoughts on “Viola in Reel Life by Adriana Trigiani

  1. I loved Looking for Alaska-an excellent boarding school book, and an excellent all around novel! I just checked out your site-I love it and have now subscribed to it.

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