Secrets of My Hollywood Life: Paparazzi Princess by Jen Calonita

paparazziI am just crazy about these Secrets of My Hollywood Life books.  And, judging from the fact that of all the books I’ve written about they are the ones that get the most hits, I’ll guess an awful lot of other people are crazy about them, too.  I love them for the juicy name dropping, the “secret” inside knowledge about being a celebrity, and most of all the fact that every single person is described by what they are wearing and every garment is from a designer. In this fourth installment in the series America’s darling, Kaitlyn Burke, faces the end of the television series she has grown up on. At 17 she’s been in the spotlight since she was 4-her co-stars are like an actual family to her.  The thought of losing that is making Kaitlyn stressed out and she is worried about her future. Everyone is telling her she needs to decide on a next project or risk losing her celebrity status.  As usual there are some minor “scandals” for Kaitlyn to get out of.  It was all very satisfying and light and Kaitlyn was quite likable.  In this installment, even more than the others, I found myself really appalled by her mother and thought how horrid it is that their child supports their family’s completely extravagant lifestyle.  They seem to be totally mooching off of her and I can’t believe Kaitlyn doesn’t resent them more for it.  I guess I’m glad I wasn’t a child actor and that my children never will be! Next installment out next spring-can’t wait!


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