Don’t You Forget About Me by Jancee Dunn

janceeThis is Dunn’s first novel and I really liked it. Her first book was a memoir, which was absolutely hilarious.  And although this new book is fiction it is very similar in that it had loads of what I like: details about New Jersey in the 1980s. It reminded me of reading Tom Perrotta’s The Wishbones, another book I love.

I imagine that even if you didn’t grow up in New Jersey you would still like this book, but I am curious to know what other other readers think.  I forget the main character’s name (because I read this over a month ago, gulp.) so we’ll just call her Woman.  So, Woman thinks life is great, but it turns out her husband wants a divorce.  Woman finds herself staying with her parents in her childhood home.  Between that and her  20th high school reunion she begins to regress a bit and fixate on her high school years, a time she remembers as awesome and stylish and fun. She even begins dating an old high school boyfriend, who is clearly (to the reader) a total loser and a-hole.

I liked this a lot.  I thought it was very funny and believable (well, a little bit) and I’m impressed that Ms. Dunn was able to equally well write a memoir and fiction.


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