The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy

A new girl in town gets recruited for the “Cinderella Society”-a secret organization grooming girls to be strong women who will fight evil. A great premise, especially with all the details about of the “Get Smart”-like hideout and so on, which I loved.  There is, naturally, a similar group for wicked girls, whose goal it is to control the “Reggies”, or regular kids.  Jess  finds out that the society is much bigger and ancient than she could have ever imagined–think a fight for world domination.

My gripe with this book was that there was a lot of talk of good vs. evil, fate of the world, going without backup to take on the leader of the bad girls, but nothing ever happened. For a Buffy/Angel fan I kept expecting something supernatural to happen, or at least some fisticuffs.  If you’re not worried that the bad girl leader is going to beat you up or shoot lasers out of her eyes or turn into a vampire, then what are you afraid of? Right up until the end I expected some Buffy like action, and since there wasn’t I was disappointed.  However, this is clearly the first in a series, so maybe the second one will bring some more action.


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