Alphabet Weekends by Elizabeth Noble

alphabetIt’s been a while since I read any chick lit type books, but this cover/title/style caught my eye and I checked out not only this, but also The Reading Group (by Noble).  The set-up of this story is that Natalie has been dumped by her boyfriend of many years and her dear old friend Tom persuades her to spend the next 26 weekends with him (each time doing an activity that starts with a letter of the alphabet).  At the end of that time he is sure Natalie will be in love with him.  Natalie is not so sure about that, but does think it is a good way to get over Simon. 

What I thought set this story apart from just an amusing romp through the alphabet was that two other couple’s stories are told at the same time: Natalie’s parents, Anna and Nicholas, and Tom’s brother and his wife, Patrick and I-Forget-Her-Name.   Anna and Nicholas are elderly so it is interesting to see what challenges their relationship has as this stage of their lives.  Patrick’s wife is struggling with feelings of attraction towards another man, which not only sucks, but is also bad timing as Patrick has lost his job and is having a terrible time of it and feeling very worthless.

Not everyone gets a happy ending, but there is a good blend of sadness and happiness.  I’m looking forward to reading the Reading Group next.


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