Killer Keepsakes by Jane Cleland

killerI read about this book over at Vintage Cookbooks, (Thanks, Amy!) where the author did a guest blog post.  I don’t often read mysteries, but when I do I’m always reminded that I rather like them.  As I had a lull in reading at the time I read the post and then had Paul bring this home right away for me.  I really enjoyed it and am wondering if I’ve actually read the first in the series? I have to admit there are a lot of antiquing mysteries so I may have it confused with a few others I’ve read.  What I really liked about this book was the detail about running an antique business/auction house.  I wonder if other librarians had the same reaction to it that I did-which is that I was so impressed by the librarian research that the antiques people did to try to discover provenance (or, you know, clues to find a killer.)  It was all so neatly tied together.

The premise is that one of Josie’s (the owner of the antiques place) employees, Gretchen, doesn’t show up after a vacation.  Concerned, Josie goes to her apartment and discovers a dead man there.  As more and more clues surface the mystery appears to be quite complicated and Josie worries for Gretchen’s life, but also begins to wonder what kind of a hidden life she was leading. Josie, as is often the case with the amateur sleuths, is well connected to the police department and knows the detective there, as well as has a mysterious source (a reporter.)  I think one of the reasons that I like mysteries when I read them is that I don’t try too hard to solve the mystery myself! I am completely content to sit back and read and let the characters unfold things as they will.  I liked this and will definitely look for another Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery.


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