Little House on the Prairie from A to Z by Patrick Loubatiere

I’m a little unclear on where this book came from. Paul brought it home and it may have come with the new Little House dvds.  It’s just a little booklet, definitely not “unauthorized” as it’s almost a tad fawning.  In any event, I loved it.  I have seen every episode of Little House many times (I’d venture to guess that anyone my age in my tri-state area remembers that it was on every day at 5pm on channel 11 (Pix…Pix…Pix…) ) and I truly loved the show.  This little book was enjoyable because it tells what happeend to everyone after the show. W ho would have guessed that Lucy Lee Flippin (Eliza Jane) was in the movie Flashdance? or that Karen Grassle (Ma) is an esteemed actress in theater?

It was a nice trip down memory lane and made me look forward to someday watching these shows with my kids. It also made me feel very wholesome.


One thought on “Little House on the Prairie from A to Z by Patrick Loubatiere

  1. I just recently received the “Little House on the Prairie” series (all 9 seasons) on DVD and I love watching the exclusive interviews and special features….but I have a question. There were SO many stars that appeared on the series throughout the 9 seasons, Patricia Neal, Ernest Borgnine, James Cromwell, etc. but there were no comments from the “Little House” regulars who are still living about what kind(s) of experiences they had working with these incredible people! Also, info about Laura’s two dogs on the show, Jack and Bandit. There were so many young actors and actresses, both series regulars and guest stars (i.e.-Radames Pera, Kyle Richards, Eric Shea, Jason Bateman). How did the younger actors get along with each other off camera? Any crushes? What about more about the behind the scenes crew….the makeup and hair people, the wranglers, etc. I think that you (Patrick Loubatiere) did an amazing job interviewing the “Little House” actors and actresses….you asked many of the questions that I would’ve liked to have asked. Thanks for answering me, if you can!

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