Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw by Jeff Kinney

wimpyYou can read one of these wimpy kid books about as fast as you can eat a bowl of popcorn. And they are as much fun too!  I read this last month, so I am not sure what to say about it, but I do recall it was basically more of the same: kid is clueless about himself, his brother is an ass, his friend is questionable, and it’s all hilarious. What made me and Paul laugh? Him saying that his uncle basically gave him a chore for Christmas (a basketball hoop for laundry) and he and his brother tormenting each other by saying “Ploopy.” Oh, and the part about how frightening the author photo of Shel Silverstein is, because that is so true! And because we are immature, now Paul and I say Ploopy each other. PL…….OO…….PY.

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