Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

audreyI can’t believe I didn’t write about this immediately after reading it because I’m sure I won’t do it justice now. I really really liked this story a lot. It’s part of the niche genre of ordinary people becoming famous (a genre that was destined to emerge given our culture’s love of reality television and making celebrities out of people who do not really deserve it.)

Audrey is dating a sort of stoner rocker nice enough guy who really isn’t going anywhere, and so she breaks up with him. That night she goes to see his band play (see? She’s a nice girl and is still supportive of him) and is shocked when the band plays a catchy song that wins over the audience and even further shocked that the song is about their breakup and how he called “Audrey, Wait!” after her, but she never even turned back.  After a humiliating next day at school things quiet down…until she hears the song on the radio several months later, it becomes a smash hit, and the media is all over her.  I thought this was a fun book and a month later what I remember about it is how her appearance on TRL makes me now believe that nothing on tv is ever unscripted (except in the denoument of a book!). Recommended!


2 thoughts on “Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

  1. i already read it and i loved it now i kinda want to go meet james and kiss him then i want to go and f@##$ kill Evan but then again he did apologize so love u ev lol

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