Sweet Love by Sarah Strohmeyer

sweetAfter 20 years at a local television station Julie Mueller’s career is looking up.  But then she has a chance to reconnect with the one man she’s always loved, someone she’s grown up with.  I was attracted to this book because of the cover and title, and the idea that she and this man would reconnect over a series of dessert classes.  I honestly didn’t like this too much. At first I thought I did, but then I realized the book is about her relationship with her mother as well and perhaps this reveals something about me, but I thought her mother was a tiresome meddler who was completely exasperating.  When Julie berated herself for not being there for her mother (which was totally untrue) I just thought it was nonsense. And her father’s behavior (absenteeing himself during any medical crises, like cancer) was so horrible that I thought Julie should have done something about it.  There was a lot going on here between a breast cancer scare, budding romance, the dessert classes, solving a murder, and her mother and I was never really in a good groove with this one.


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