Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

girlI really wish I hadn’t read this book.  It’s gotten rave reviews and it sounded really intriguing.  It was super fast paced, page turning, intense, and well written, but it was just too disturbing for me.  I had a hard time reading about a little girl being molested and then, as a teenager, made to act like a little girl for her pedophile captor. Halfway through the book I realized that even if she did escape from him she was so damaged that how on earth could she possibly return to her loving family that lost their daughter six years ago? When I finished the book I not only had trouble going to sleep, but I also had a bad dream! I loved Scott’s previous novels, which were very different in style and tone and subject matter.  Call me wimpy or too sensitive but I really couldn’t handle this story at all.


5 thoughts on “Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

  1. I’ve been debating about this one – about whether I’ll read it or not. It seems it’s always described as so good but so horrible. And I’m thinking I can do without the horrible part….

  2. Honestly I’m not sure who I could recommend this to. I knew what the subject matter was going in, but reading about it was a whole different thing. It was absolutely awful to picture and I don’t know about you but when I read something I visualize it.

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  5. It gave a perfect example of how easy an abduction can happen in the real world. It also enables you to warn your children about situations that could lead to such a thing and how they may be able to avoid them. In spite of the content it was not overly graphic.

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