Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Paul read this first, and then passed it on to me. This book ought to be required reading for everyone. Seriously.  I’m sure some people would laugh it off as extremist and “no way could that really happen”, but I believe it could.

Marcus live in San Francisco in a world where the Dept. of Homeland Security pretty much controls everything.  Fortuantely Marcus and his friends are total techno-geeks and very talented at getting around security networks for all their online needs (which are basically everything.) When terrorists blow up the Bay Bridge Marcus and the others are captured and interrogated and brutally treated–by American personnel. When he finally is released-after being forced to sign away his rights and threatened to never tell or he’ll be prosecuted-he vows to find a way to show the country how lost their civil rights have become.

There is an awful lot of tech information in this book and honestly when I didn’t understand it I would just skim a passage.  What is amazing about this book (to regular tech people) is that all the technology info is true.  This is not a weird science fiction  post apocalyptic story-it takes placs now with real things.

I got so so angry while reading this story at the people who brutally treated Marcus and others all in the name of keeping U.S. citizens “safe.” Highly recommend this!

**I just read Paul’s post (I had said I wouldn’t read it until I had read the book and done my own post) and kudos to my husband. If you want to read much more about the plot, or just another voice being inspired by this story of very real, potential, and some already occuring injsutices in the name of freedom, go ahead and read his post, too.


2 thoughts on “Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

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  2. Listen, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

    Little Brother is a great book and since Paul is a fan of boing boing, I won’t link any of their cool HOWTOs from the book.

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