Secrets of My Hollywood Life: Family Affair by Jen Calonita

I can’t get enough of these books.  All name dropping, dishy inside scoop, about being part of Hollywood’s elite.  Personally I don’t believe that you’d find a hot teen tv star from a nighttime soap as part of Hollywood’s true A-list (we’re meant to believe she’s friendly with Tom Cruise, Gwyeth Paltrow, and the like), but who cares? These stories are such an escape into “what if my life were like this….” that I say pile on more details! Tell me more about being 17 and providing gift bags at your party with spa gift certificates, Origins face masks, gourmet chocolates and the like.  Tell me more about what everyone’s wearing! Whenever a character enters his or her outfit is described with designer names, i.e. today I’m wearing my Lucky jeans and a Stella McCartney wrap top to write this blog post (it’s nice for you, reader, to think that, so I’ll let you believe it rather than describing the possibly 15 year old Gap t-shirt I have on).

In this installment Kaitlin Burke is once again plagued by a  backstabbing rumor-mongering co-star, except this time it’s not her nemesis Sky Mackenzie, it’s a new guest star on Family Affair. Kaitlin still has her down to earth boyfriend and her best friend, Liz, to help her with all this, along with her entourage of publicist, manager-mom,  personal assistant, and personal security.

I love these and I can’t wait for the next one.

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