Nice to Come Home to by Rebecca Flowers

I’ll admit that I selected this book based entirely on the cover and title. And you know what? It didn’t disappoint. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. So kudos to the book cover designer on this one.  After a breakup with a guy who it turns out no one liked anyway, Prudence is in a bit of a slump.  She had just decided that at this point in her life it was time to get married and have some babies, and now it looks like that plan is shot. Why does it seem so easy for everyone else? Not only that, but she’s lost her job too.

So maybe this doesn’t sound like such a novel story, especially when she begins a friendship with the man who owns the shop around the corner (who’s recently been left by his wife), however there were so many wonderful bits of writing in here.  I made Paul listen as I read aloud an entire page and a half in which she describes how designing a business card (the first step to having one’s own business, even if you’re not exactly sure what that business is) takes an entire week (an hour alone to search for the perfect font) and then doesn’t work after all.  She expresses disbelief that people could work from home before the Internet, concluding they must have had to actually work.  A theory with which I agree.  Another favorite bit-when she describes the exhaustion she feels after caring for her 2 year old niece all day and concludes her day with the “prerogative to act like a grown up, which in this case means getting a little drunk and reading the new Pottery Barn catalog.”

Prudence is in the midst of managing her life (not very well) in the weeks following this breakup, when her sister’s own life gets a bit turbulent and now her single solitary life is messy with her sister, her niece, a cat, and John (the cafe owner.)

This was just a great story, not overly sweet or overly bitter.  I thought the writing was great and realistic and look forward to reading more from this author.


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