Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

Danielle never goes by her real name. She and her mom are always on the move, targeting a town, getting the job done, and moving on.  They always have aliases which they shed the moment they leave a town. Danielle has never gone to school or made a friend, it’s just her and her mom, the thief.  Her dad used to be around until he was sent to prison.

Danielle is always an accomplice, she never does the actual stealing.  As you might expect, Dani is a completely likable character-it’s her mother is portrayed as the immoral floozie who thinks it is ok to teach her daughter to target old wealthy homes and steal the family the silver.  Dani longs for a stable life, but she relies on her mom.  In the latest town they visit Danielle does two unthinkable things-she befriends a local and she begins a flirtation? developing very close friendship? with, of all things, a cop.

I have really liked all of Scott’s novels and this one is no exception.  I really enjoyed the story, Dani, and Greg.  Dani is in pretty much a lose lose situation and yet there is an optimism to the novel.  Interestingly the one thing that I kept coming back to was what a bad mother her mom is for having raised her daughter to know no other life, leaving her uneducated, unable to develop normal relationships, and reliant on thievery.


3 thoughts on “Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

  1. I finished this book in several hours. As I kept getting closer to the end I couldn’t figure out how the author was going to get the heroine out of her situation. When she did it was almost like she said “OK I’ll make this all go away in three pages” and then did. I know it is a YA book but the end was too simplistic. I also found it difficult to believe that Dani got to be 18 without ever rebelling at all. Its not like she was locked up like the daughter in Austria.

  2. I figured it was like she was brainwashed and that’s why she didnt rebel. I also thought the ending made it easy on all the characters. But way to go for creating a character I didn’t feel at all sad about something bad happening to her!

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