Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber

I decided to pick this up after reading about it over at Vintage Cookbooks. It’s a “Blossom Street Book”, which are a bunch of books Macomber has written all about the people on this street and they all have little shops and their own stories.

This was a completely predictable book and so contrived to tug at your heartstrings.  I’m feeling very critical of it.  And yet….I read it straight through and couldn’t wait to see what I predicted happen.  It was very heartwarming (contrived or not, I totally cried at the touching ending) and very comforting, and just right in the midst of the assorted post-apocalyptic books I’ve been reading.  It was like having delicious macaroni and cheese for dinner.

The story is about a group of widows who one night decide to make a list of 20 wishes for their lives, and then try to achieve them.  The main character (whose name I forget!) had not been married for too long before becoming widowed. To make matters worse, she and her husband had been separated and at the brink of reconciliation.  They had argued over whether or not to have children, she desperately wants a child to love and he has grown children and doesn’t want anymore.

Creating the lists brings love and fulfillment into each of these women’s lives in different ways.  There really is never any doubt at all that they will have love and fulfillment, not a whiff of suspense in this novel, but then who needs that? If I could go visit and shop on Blossom Street, I would!


One thought on “Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber

  1. No one reads Macomber for suspense, you’re right about that. I liked the idea of making Twenty wishes, and had trouble making up that many just as these ladies did. Love your description. You might go to this shop – but I’d head for the bakery across the street or the yarn store first!

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