Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I picked this up at ALA and there was already a buzz about this book.  Let tell you the briefest bit about it and see how intrigued you are….

In a future world in the area we know now as Appalachia, two children from each of twelve districts are chosen to participate in the “Hunger Games”.  These 24 are sent to an outdoor arena.  Only one can be the winner.  Everyone else must die.

There are a lot of horrific elements to this story-that children are the ones who compete, that they are armed with weapons, that they live in abject poverty and people frequently starve to death.  Perhaps the most dreadful, though, is that in the Capitol city life is luxurious, people are fat, and it is a slick modern future.  But the people there knowingly send these young people to death! All because of tradition!!  Oh, it is a good story. It will catch you up, horrify you, and move you. I can’t believe it’s taken me a month to write about it because when I read it there was just so much I kep thinking about.  Unfortunately, many of the things I continue to think about I don’t want to write here for fear I might spoil the story for someone who hasn’t read it.

Two questions that I do think about:

How on earth could the world in this book ever turn itself around??

How on earth can the author let the main character survive without making the main character become a killer whom the reader won’t like?? Quite a conundrum, and quite well handled.


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